Get Involved

Getting Involved

Historic buildings are fundamental in creating a ‘sense of place and belonging’ for our communities and our project aims to highlight the rich cultural heritage of timber-framing in Gloucestershire. If you own a timber-framed building in Gloucester, Tewkesbury or Newent and would like it recorded, please get in contact with the project (a contact e-mail can be found at the bottom of the page).

The project includes public lectures to help attract volunteers to become involved. Volunteers will be able to participate in workshops on building recording and those interested will have opportunities to shadow the building experts involved in the project and participate in an informal mentoring programme with structured on-the-job training activities. We will lead at least 9 workshops on buildings, which where possible will be held in dated timber-framed buildings and designed to link with school curriculums.

Much of the recording of buildings is visual and through the support of the British Deaf Association and The Gloucestershire Deaf Association we are also encouraging some of the 63,000 deaf people in the county to become involved in this project.

Where privately owned timber-framed buildings are identified as of interest to the project contributions by the owners towards the costs of tree-ring dating are encouraged. Likewise we very much encourage additional community support and funding towards this project to help increase the number of buildings we are able to study.