Tewkesbury presents one of the best preserved medieval townscapes in England. The prosperity of Tewkesbury came from coaching traffic but when the railways bypassed the town this caused time to stand still, preserving much of the medieval character and layout. Tewkesbury has a spectacular collection of timber-framed buildings with overhanging jetties and ornate carved doorways and is recognized as one of the best medieval townscapes in England.

The old houses of the town, occupying a large proportion of the frontage of the three main streets have many examples of timber-framing. An intermingling of Georgian brick fronts among the older timber-framed houses is characteristic of the main streets.

There are three examples of a larger medieval town house: Newton House, the eastern part of the Royal Hop Pole Hotel, and Nos. 81–82 Barton Street. Nos. 34–50 Church Street, also known as the Abbey Cottages, represent a continuous terrace of at least 23 timber-framed dwellings. The terrace was built in the early fifteenth century and survival of a medieval terrace of such length is very unusual.

We are interested to hear from owners of any timber-framed buildings in Tewkesbury. Below is a list of just some of the known buildings of interest that we would like to investigate:

a Tewkesbury Abbey
The Chapel of St James has a timber barrel roof.
Tewkesbury Abbey
b 50 Church St – Royal British Legion
A Grade I listed building, probably of the same date as the Merchants House and built in early fifteenth century
50 Church Street
c 64 Barton St – Tewkesbury Museum Tewkesbury Museum
d Church St – Tewkesbury Heritage Centre Tewkesbury Heritage & Visitor Centre
e Mythe Rd – Black Bear Black Bear
f 26 & 27 Church St – Newton House
g Church St – Old Baptist Chapel
h 1 & 2 Mill Bank
i 82 & 83 Church St – Craik House
j 9 High St – Golden Key House
k 8 Church St – Berkley Arms
l 81 & 82 Barton St
m 10 Church St
n 155 High St
o 15 & 16 Church St
p 107 & 108 Church St – The Cross House
q 52 Church St – Bell Hotel
r 73 Church St
s 91 & 92 Church St
t 16 Barton St
u 37 High St – Nortonbury Hse & Cott
v 1 & 2 & 3 Mythe Road
w 10 & 11 Nelson St
x 6 St Mary’s Lane
y 1 High St – Stehpen’s Alley
z 1 & 2 Tolzey